By Farah Pandith, NSI Advisory Board member

Recent years have revealed a scary, dangerous new era in which children have been taught to hate, are recruiting others and are plotting terrorist attacks. While several schemes conceived by young far-right extremists were thwarted, the future may be bleaker. We have missed emerging trends in the past; counterterrorism professionals must urgently renew their vigilance — and implement new countermeasures — over the radicalization of young people in the West and beyond.

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This article was written by NSI Advisory Board member Farah Pandith and originally appeared in NBC News on March 22, 2021.

On Armenian Remembrance Day, President Biden acknowledged the genocide of Armenians at the hands of Ottoman authorities beginning in 1915. Jodi, Jamil, Les, Grant, and first time guest Max Hoffman, Director of National Security and International Policy at the Center for American Progress, discuss the impact of this acknowledgement on U.S.-Turkish relations and the ten year anniversary of the beginning of the conflicts in Syria and Libya. Are U.S.-Turkish relations broken beyond repair? Is Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s hold on power stable? After ten years, what is the path forward in Syria and Libya? …

Erringer Helbling, Director of Operations at HawkEye 360, joins us this week on the Iron Butterfly. Listen in as Errin discusses her Army service and explains the vital role of geospatial engineers to the intelligence community. In this episode, Errin shares her experiences providing humanitarian assistance through geospatial data, serving troops in combat zones, and meeting an unlikely character during her time as a Military Social Aide at the White House. She explains how to stay true to your purpose as you move through your career, and why she, an engineer, believes people are the most complex system. Tune in as Errin shares insight into her time at SpaceX, why she co-founded a non-profit supporting female veterans, and why she thinks all of us are like rubies.

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Teresa Carlson, NSI Advisory Board member, on NASA’s first planetary mission to send and manage data via the cloud

“NASA JPL leverages the scalability, speed, and reliability of the cloud. All scientific and technical data from the March 2020 mission can be managed efficiently with it.” Read the full article on Broadway here.

Paul Rosenzweig, NSI Advisory Board member, on how Oracle avoids anti-China backlash

“The sweet spot for avoiding condemnation…

By Jennifer Cafarella, NSI Visiting Fellow

A decade into the war, developing Syria policy is only getting more exhausting. Foreign interventions from Iran and Turkey continue to worsen the conflict and raise the geopolitical stakes of what began as a local rebellion of Syrians against their tyrannical government. The core challenge is rooted more at home here in the U.S. than in Syria, however. The U.S.’s habitual all-or-nothing framing of the war has handicapped our policy far more than conditions on the ground. Rather than agonize over far-off outcomes such as a negotiated settlement that we cannot reach at an…

By Andrew McClure, NSI Visiting Fellow

In choosing to focus on his domestic priorities, President Biden’s joint address to Congress made only passing reference to the myriad of national security challenges that will come to define the trajectory of the 21st century. Beyond the occasional mention of competition with China (a notion candidate Biden once scoffed at) and bringing jobs home to Americans, the President’s foreign policy vision largely remains unknown. …

By Mary Melloy, Visiting Technologist Fellow

Tracking Infectious Disease

Contact tracing is a public health measure focused on breaking the chain of human-to-human infectious disease transmission. It effectively contained Ebola in Africa and has been part of diverse response plans to the COVID-19 pandemic. Effective contact tracing requires extensive and timely data from widely available testing, including knowing where an infected person has been and with whom he/she came in contact with, following up with supportive care, and effective communication regarding potential exposure. …

By Margaret Peterlin, NSI Advisory Board Member

For 20 years following the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, the U.S. was generally committed to the moral imperative of “containing” China as part of resisting communist tyranny. With President Nixon’s 1972 visit, the U.S. “engaged” China, hoping to socialize it into the liberal world order. Over the last decade, however, in the wake of China’s growing challenges to security and prosperity, U.S. policy has been an almost schizophrenic combination of containment and engagement — and a failure.

The U.S. largely appeased China’s economic abuses and attack on human rights —…

By Joshua Huminski, NSI Visiting Fellow

Relentless consumers of certain types of news might view Russia as single-handedly responsible for the election of President Donald Trump, with President Vladimir Putin, a former KGB officer, manipulating America from behind the scenes. To those who only devour pop culture pulp, Russia is a country of spies, furry hats, and vodka, and the villains in any Hollywood blockbuster. To view both equally lends the idea that every Russian must be ten feet tall and hiding behind every tree and under every bed, waiting to bring about the end of the United States, or, alternatively, some poor babushka huddled against the cold.

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This book review was written by NSI Visiting Fellow Joshua Huminski and originally appeared in Diplomatic Courier on May 1, 2021.

By Farah Pandith, NSI Advisory Board member

Pushing his $1.9 trillion stimulus package through Congress, President Joseph Biden argued long and hard that the only way to defeat a deadly virus was to go big. Now, he has to go big on another infectious virus: the rising swell of hatred and violence that has ripped through regions as diverse as Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa and North America, where the growing dark forces of hate and extremism led to the deadly January 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

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This article was written by NSI Advisory Board member Farah Pandith and originally appeared in the American Ambassadors Live! on May 1, 2021.

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