By Farah Pandith, NSI Advisory Board member

Recent years have revealed a scary, dangerous new era in which children have been taught to hate, are recruiting others and are plotting terrorist attacks. While several schemes conceived by young far-right extremists were thwarted, the future may be bleaker. We have missed emerging trends in the past; counterterrorism professionals must urgently renew their vigilance — and implement new countermeasures — over the radicalization of young people in the West and beyond.

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This article was written by NSI Advisory Board member Farah Pandith and originally appeared in NBC News on March 22, 2021.

By Scott Cullinane, NSI Visiting Fellow

From its very beginning, the Biden Administration has placed the restoration and rejuvenation of alliances at the center of its foreign policy. President Biden and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken have repeatedly stated their desire to see “democracies rather than autocracies set the rules of the road” in international affairs. For the United States, such alliances and partnerships will be the essential element of any strategy seeking to counter China’s aggressiveness in the years ahead.

The Biden Administration’s early outreach toward crucial allies in Asia and Europe isn’t just about smoothing over past diplomatic…

By Morgan Lorraine Viña, NSI Visiting Fellow

Last year, global wildlife seizures hit a five-year low. While it’s been suggested that the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed the demand for illicit wildlife, the United States and the international community should not wait to take action against this illegal trade before the next zoonotic disease causes another global pandemic.

Many of the animals in the Chinese wet markets where scientists suspect COVID-19 originated, specifically in Wuhan, are stocked through illegal poaching. These market vendors sell exotic animals, including monkeys, snakes, and bats. …

This week on the Iron Butterfly Podcast we are joined by Laura Thomas, a former case officer at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). During her time at the agency, Laura served as Chief of Base and led several sensitive programs. In this episode, Laura shares her view of what makes a good case officer, how a wine tasting with an asset helped to build trust with the US government, and her experience living “a double life inside a double life.” Tune in to learn more about the role of quantum science in the 21st century, the importance of hard conversations, and Laura’s aim to “illuminate the dark.”

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The Biden administration is participating in indirect talks with Iran about the JCPOA and there are conversations swirling on the Hill about revising the 2001 AUMF. Les, Jodi, Jamil, and Mike discuss how to get to a better deal with Iran and whether all the talk about the AUMF is for naught. Is it possible to get a good deal with Iran? What did “maximum pressure” achieve? Is there any chance that the 2001 AUMF actually gets replaced? All these questions and more answered in this week’s Fault Lines.

In our under the radar segment, Les honors the life of…

By David Etue, NSI Visiting Fellow

Our society is moving more and more online. From the massive trend towards online meetings in the post-pandemic world, to the use of social media and messaging apps as a key form of human interaction, the world is increasingly in front of us on our laptops, phones, and other connected devices. In this environment, a key question is how to best protect users when we interact with others online.

The United Kingdom Safety Tech initiative has the lofty goal of protecting what it means to be human online by marrying government efforts with private…

By Morgan Viña and Simone Ledeen, NSI Visiting Fellows

A major disaster is unfolding in slow motion, with the international community seemingly incapable of taking any action other than public hand wringing.

A crippled oil tanker, FSO Safer, has been moored just north of the port city of Hudaydah, Yemen’s main hub for humanitarian delivery, for more than five years. It’s in bad shape. In January, the International Maritime Organization reported that the ship’s structural integrity is failing and risks leaking 48 million gallons of oil into the Red Sea. To put that in perspective, this is four times the…

By Lester Munson, NSI Senior Fellow

We are only in the early days of spring, but it appears that this summer will be a hot one.

This week in Vienna, Austria, the Biden Administration and Iran will meet with other nations to find a way to revive the largely defunct nuclear deal that President Obama negotiated six years ago — the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA.

In 2018, President Trump pulled the United States out of the executive agreement (it was never approved by the Senate) and reimposed sanctions on the Islamic Republic. …

By Cameron Burks, NSI Visiting Fellow

The scope of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) shifted significantly over the last two years as the Trump Administration propelled CFIUS to the forefront of its efforts to restrict access to U.S. capital markets for certain Chinese entities. Additionally, in 2018, the Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act (FIRRMA) expanded CFIUS jurisdiction to review foreign investments in U.S. “critical technology” which could pose a threat to national security. As the United States continues to bolster tech competitiveness and innovation to compete with China under the Biden presidency, CFIUS will…

On February 24, President Biden signed an executive order focused on protecting America’s supply chains with a specific section on rare earth elements. In early March, the House Armed Services Committee stood up a taskforce focused on examining and identifying vulnerabilities and threats facing the defense industrial base which includes the threat posed by China over access to rare earth elements. America’s national security and technological leadership is directly tied to our access to rare earth elements.

NSI Founder and Executive Director Jamil N. Jaffer held a fireside chat with Jeff Green, President and Founder of J. A. Green and…

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