By Farah Pandith, NSI Advisory Board member

Recent years have revealed a scary, dangerous new era in which children have been taught to hate, are recruiting others and are plotting terrorist attacks. While several schemes conceived by young far-right extremists were thwarted, the future may be bleaker. We have missed emerging trends in the past; counterterrorism professionals must urgently renew their vigilance — and implement new countermeasures — over the radicalization of young people in the West and beyond.

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This article was written by NSI Advisory Board member Farah Pandith and originally appeared in NBC News on March 22, 2021.

This week, Les, Sarah, Megan, and Jamil discuss the presence of Russian troops in Kazakhstan and the developing relationship with Russia and China to counter the U.S. Does the current situation in Kazakhstan matter to the U.S.? Will Russia and China be able to set aside their different interests to collaborate? These questions and more are answered on the latest episode of Fault Lines!

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