Quoted Media Hits

NSI Experts weigh in with their commentary below with quotes from various articles and news sources.

Sam Curry, NSI Advisory Board member

The cyber security incidents just keep coming. And, if allegations are true, Acer has fallen victim to a cyberattack resulting in a $50 million ransomware demand by the threat group known as REvil.

“Getting operational as quickly as possible is the main goal, yes, but it isn’t the only one. Organizations must also be careful to destroy as little forensic evidence as possible to know what really happened and to avoid re-infection. A record of what happened during downtime and recovery to ensure breach avoidance and limit liability to what really happened is critical. The bad guys are learning how recovery is done and are developing more insidious operations targeting backups, failover and redundancy plans — these must also be protected.” —Sam Curry, Industry Week

Alberto Yepez, NSI Advisory Board member

“Typically, a new region takes anywhere between 15 to 18 months to get some traction. However, in India we have seen a very encouraging response. We already have a growing customer base in less than a year as our clients recognize the need to not just protect users but also verify their identity providing secure access to enterprise users or customers. This has reinforced our belief in the potential opportunity in the Asian markets led by India.” — Alberto Yepez, Techcircle

For cybersecurity startup 1Kosmos, India will be a key leader for its targeted growth over the next years. As internet penetration in the country sky rockets alongside a growing awareness of cyber threats, 1Kosmos is building up to a major push to expand its presence.

Gen. Keith Alexander, NSI Advisory Board member

“We face the beginning of a digital arms race in which adversaries are using cybersecurity attacks as a tool to wreak havoc, including destruction, intelligence-gathering, and extortion — ultimately presenting an existential economic threat to the public and private sectors. Compounding this problem, organizations frequently must defend themselves, often with limited resources, against well-funded nation state groups who plan, code and attack in teams over long periods of time. A collective defense is the only way to gain better visibility into attacks, and to enable faster defensive action.” — Gen. Keith Alexander, Kuwait Times

The need for a National Cyber Security Centre to tackle the post-COVID cyber threat has never been greater. Do you agree?

Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.), NSI Advisory Board member

In an interview with Fox News, General Jack M. Keane voiced approval for some of the current administration’s early foreign policy moves regarding China. But he added that it remains to be seen if President Joe Biden will follow in his predecessor’s footsteps.

“Let me deal with this whole ally thing. One of the things that President Trump was able to do — and he’s never gonna get any credit for it from the Biden administration, to be sure — is to make certain our allies know the United States has their back.” — General Jack M. Keane (Ret.), Fox News

David Kris, NSI Advisory Board member

President Biden is coming under increasing pressure from lawmakers to nominate a White House cyber czar as the government starts formulating its response to two major foreign cyberattacks.

“The aftermath of Solar Winds brought a renewed focus on the importance of unity of effort in cyber matters. With a strong and capable leader, Anne Neuberger, already in place and working such matters at the NSC, perhaps the Biden Administration is taking time to consider how adding another leader, the cyber director, will enhance that unity of effort.” — David Kris, The Hill




NSI’s Fellows, Staff, and Affiliates

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NSI’s Fellows, Staff, and Affiliates

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